Tom & Sarah’s Wedding

After taking a break from shooting weddings for more than four years, I am happy to say I am starting to take bookings for wedding photography in both Staffordshire and Cheshire Areas. Photographing weddings can be a long and tiring process as it involves a lot of hard work which can last anywhere from half a day to a whole day. If you ask me why I do it, let me tell you its because I love creating beautiful images of the couple and their special day. There is so much joy that they share and I find myself so priviledged to photograph them and provide them with beautiful images for them to keep for the rest of their lives.  Here are some recent photos of Tom and Sarah’s beautiful wedding ceremony which I photographed last week. They held their wedding at Sandbach Town Hall, their ceremony was very special as not only did they have their Christian wedding ceremony but they also performed a multicultural wedding ceremony where they incorporated some Jewish and Hindu blessing into their special day. Each of the ceremony they performed was very symbolic and it moved a lot of their guests.


Above is the photo of the lovely couple as they sign their marriage register


The newly refurbished Sandbach Town Hall is a lovely place to hold your wedding. The town hall is very close by the market town and the building dates back to 1889. The building still boasts of many Victorian Gothic features in its architecture. My favourite part of the whole hall was the backdrop which lights up and works as an amazing backdrop for group or couple photos. The top floor has a viewing gallery with sound proof glass and provides families with kids a more secluded area to view weddings without worrying about their kids making noise during the wedding.  The upstairs room also workes as a waiting area (as it had blinds) for the bride if she arrives early for the ceremony.


Here are Tom and Sarah, exchanging their wedding rings


They were both such beautiful souls and you could see the love shining in their eyes


The couple also received Jewish and Hindu multicultural blessings for their weddings. The above was the Jewish ceremony whereby they had a string tied on their hands and they said their vows


They then also received a Hindu blessing and performed some rituals such as lighting a candle which symbolised a holy and pious fire. They then walked around the fire seven times citing specific vows with each circuit that they made. This was so beautiful and brought a tear to my eyes. It reminded me, why I loved photographing weddings so much.


Here is a candid shot of the couple. As you can see it was a beautiful sunny day in Autumn.


Here are a few more photos of Sarah after the wedding ceremony. I loved the back details of her wedding gown which you can see below and her headband was just gorgeous


A final shot of the beaming couple


Hope you enjoyed viewing these sneak preview photos.  I am in the midst of editing a few more weddings at the moment, so stay tuned for more wedding related posts which I will blog soon.  Do contact me for more details on availability and pricing if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding around the Staffordshire or Cheshire areas.

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