Nic & Claire’s Wedding Portraits

Here are some wedding portrait images of a couple which I photographed at Hanley Masonic Hall in Stoke-on-Trent.  As some of you may know I am a member of The Sentinel‘s SnapperSquad team and we meet once a month to share, discuss and learn about various topics pertaining to photography.  The SnapperSquad team is lead by Steve Bould who is the Chief Photographer of the Sentinel newspaper. I thoroughly enjoyed last month’s meeting as it was a practical session led by local photographer Clare Jennings who gave us lots of advice, lighting and posing tips.  This was Clare’s second session with us, her first session she showed us a slideshows of her wedding images and shared her experience as a wedding photographer in the UK which was equally informative. Our models for the day were Nic and Claire. Hope you enjoy viewing these set of photos.


All photos were taken indoor using flash, available lighting sources as well as continuous lighting provided by Clare.


We used various locations around the Masonic Centre to get different look and feel to each photo

wedding-couple-masonic-hanley-stoke-staffordshire-wedding-photographer-asha-carlos-biddulph-cheshire-sandbach-wilmslow-local-alderly-edge-congleton-knypersleyClare suggested to get a little bit of private time away from the crowd with the couple to get some intimate portraits of them


Using props such as candle stands and wine glasses can create a moody atmosphere


She also gave tips on using the available light sources to enhance our photos


Here’s the final indoor wedding portrait of the couple, hope you have enjoyed viewing these images.


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