Looking for that special gift for Christmas?




If you are looking for that special gift to give yourself, your friends or your family for Christmas and have run out of ideas, then contact us for Gift Certificates for a portrait session.  We do most portrait sessions from Outdoor sessions in the park / garden, Baby Christening / Newborn, Family sessions at home, Children or sibling portraits, Teen or Glamour portraits, Couple portraits , Pre-wedding session or even Post wedding ‘Thrash the Dress Sessions’. So feel free to contact us for more details.


Which areas do you travel to for your portrait photography?

We are not studio based as we specialise in Lifestyle Portraits. We cover most areas around Staffordshire as well as East Cheshire. We will travel to further places but there will be additional transport charges. Feel free to contact us for more details.

I plan to give this as a Christmas gift.  How long are the Gift Certificates / Vouchers valid for?

The Gift Certificates are valid for 6 months from date of purchase, so you can present the certificates as a gift during the Christmas or festive period and they can redeem it anytime next year depending on our availability.

How much do the Gift Certificates cost?

We offer a minimum of £50 and our popular gift certificate value is £100. We can do multiples of these to any amount that you want ie for prints, albums, newborn sessions or weddings.

What does my Gift Certificate cover?

£50 only covers the sitting fee, the photos selected will be charged additional. While the £100 certificate is for one hour and covers both the photographer time as well as 5 of client’s favourite images.

Why get a professional photographer to take your portrait when you can do it for free using your mobile phone?

Most people who take photos of their family don’t seem to have their photo included. So its nice having a professional photographer to take the photo and edit it for you.  The photos which we take are all shot in hi-resolution RAW files which are later edited for the clients in .jpg format.  All our prints and albums are sent to professional labs and vetted for quality.

Why give a Gift Certificate as a gift?

Giving someone a Gift Certificate for a portrait session is special. As you are giving them something which they will keep and treasure for a lifetime. The photos which they will receive will be a memory of your love for them.

I want to buy a Gift Certificate, what do I do?

Just drop us an email on our page or message us on Facebook and we will get back to you. It’s that simple.


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