Autumn themed Family Portrait Photography

As a Portrait and Lifestyle photographer, I am lucky to be able to use nature as my canvas to capture beautiful portraits of families.  Of all the seasons, my favourite just has to be Autumn. I find that there is something so magical about this season.  Seeing the green leaves change colour and then eventually falling off the tree and the changing landscape is amazing. If the day is just right, although its cold, with a bit of sunshine, I am able to photograph a family having a lovely time in the park.  As a photographer, I feel lucky to have Biddulph Grange Park close by as I am able to use it as my backdrop for my portrait sessions.


Both Amy and Thomas were amazing during the session even though it was really cold, they just enjoyed themselves and were really adventurous. This was one of the rare shots of both of them sitting still together.


Here’s a lovely candid photo of mum, Emma with Thomas


Here’s Amy just enjoying nature and having a climb about


A photo of both of the siblings


Amy having a chat with her dad, Greg


A family portrait by the lake


Outdoor portraits are fun to photograph, especially since we have so many lovely local parks around in Staffordshire and Cheshire. I love using nature as my backdrop as each portrait session is unique and never the same.  Children also especially enjoy being themselves and are completely comfortable doing what they love most.


A final family portrait with the lake as the backdrop.


Here’s a photo of Thomas standing on top of a tree. Hope you enjoed viewing these images.




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