Churnet Valley’s Santa & Steam Train

After last year’s fabulous Santa and Steam Train ride experience at Churnet Valley Railway we could not resist to go again this year as kids and all of us had a lovely time.  For those who have not been on the Santa train, read on to get more information about bookings as well as to see some images which I photographed on the day.


It was a gloomy day again this year but at least the sky was bright and it was not wet, so here are some shots of the train arriving as well as some random shots photographed at Cheddleton.

How long does the train ride last?

Approximately about 45 minutes to an hour from Cheddleton.

How much does it cost?

The prices roughly cost £16-£18 for adults, £6-£12 for children, depending on your date.


Photos above are of the crib at the station. The other photos were taken in the train of Santa, the balloon scluptor who worked wonders, I think kids requested reindeers, seal, snowman etc and he did it in seconds. The gentleman with the sherry was definately in demand. It was one of the best sherry I had tasted, went really well with the mince pies.

Who organises it?

It is all run by volunteers and sometimes they have up to 4 train rides a day. I can’t tell you, how much dedication these volunteers have.

Where does the train depart from?

The Santa trains departs from both Kingsley & Froghall and Cheddleton stations. We departed from Cheddleton.

Who to contact if you would like to book the Santa train?

You can either ring 01538 758491 or email


Some more photos taken after our train ride. As you can see the kids were chuffed especially with all the chocolates and toys they received on the train. If you would like to see more photos of our Santa Train ride from last year, then visit this link.

Here’s the video of the Santa train leaving with its next batch of passengers.

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