Here are some photos which I photographed at the last Snapper Squad Meeting which was held at the Masonic Centre in Hanley. Mark Scott who is a freelance photographer with Leek Post, The Sentinel and other publications gave us some lighting tips using various props such as coloured flash gels, grid and honeycomb flash modifier as well as wireless flash triggers. The model for the day was Jeniffer who was very professional and posed tirelessly while we all took turns photographing her.


As a photographer I find it so important to be inspired by others as it helps me improve and to find new technique and skills to use on my clients.


All the photos in black and white are photographed with natural lighting while the coloured images are photographed with two flashes using the wireless trigger



Jennifer having a play about, she was really fun to photograph



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I am training to be a fashion photographer. I have been having trouble getting my models to pose the way that I want them to.Your post inspired me to try out different lighting to get the perfect shot. The makeup on the model is perfect for low lighting shoots.

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