Tattoo Model Potrait Photo Shoot

Here are some photos which I photographed while attending the monthly Snapper Squad meeting at Hanley’s Masonic Centre which is run by The Sentinel, a newspaper covering news in Stoke-on-Trent.  The model I photographed was Fiona, she got dressed in three sets of different themed clothes, each carefully showcasing her beautiful tattoos or body art.  The whole session took around an hour and a half.  Fiona was such a poised model, making sure she gave each one of us her attention and kept moving about.  I have done a short demo video clip of our fun session, there are also quite a number of photos on this page and lots more on my facebook page.



Always been intrigued by body art, this is so beautiful


A few more props to add character to the model


Another of my favourite shot of the session


Love the shot as it focuses on Fiona’s hands


Here’s a video of our photo session

Ninja Look


Using another prop, this time an umbrella


Loved this glamorous Russian look which suited her so well


Final close-up shot of Fiona





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