Photos of Wedgwood’s Recently Launched Tea

Its been a while since I got my work published, but here is a recent article from September’s Staffordshire Life Magazine whereby photographs of mine were featured in the magazine.  I photographed the Wedgwood Tea Terrace, a temporary Tea Room especially set up at Tatton Park during the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show in Cheshire which was promoting their new range of tea as well as potteries.  Lots of fabulous gift items were sold there and patrons could sit down and enjoy an afternoon tea selection of cakes, pastries and savoury items and sample their new range of tea.  Really happy that my photos mainly of the newly launched tea were featured in the article ‘Everything Stops for Tea’ written by Leah Cassady. You can read the article and see the photos below.  Do hope you enjoy reading it.

Here are the selection of Wonderlust Teas, each tea bag is sold for £12.

Rococo Flowers

A light bodied aromatic white tea featuring a lingering floral aroma of the flower Ylang Ylang orange flowers.

Crimson Jewel

A caffeine-free blend of red fruits, the blend has top aromatic notes of strawberry combined with a tartness of cranberry and raspberry.

Oriental Jewel

A medium bodied black blend with fragrant sandalwood, juniper berries and hints of pine. On sipping, the blend reveals woody notes with a hint of a citrus aroma.


A medium bodied green tea with soothing notes of aloe vera. Velvety and sweet, the brew is light grassy with floral notes.

Yellow Tonquin

This blend has a distinct herbaceous character laced with fresh lemony noted brought by the lemongrass, lemon myrtle, orange peel and yuzu.

Blue Pagoda

A medium bodied dark Oolong tea with a balanced fragrance of flowers and fruit. The brew features hints of mango and jasmine flows subtly after.


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I love Wedgwood, their designs are really iconic and withstand the tests of time, so I bet their teas are delicious. I’ll keep a look out for them and well done on your photos being used in the article. Mich x

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