Newborn Baby Boy Portrait in Prestbury, Cheshire


I love taking family photos and portraits of newborn babies as it reminds me of when our own kids were very young. I also try to encourage parents to take photos of their little babies as much as they can or at least get a professional photographer to take their babie’s shot every 3 months once for the first year.  Why? Because babies grow rapidly and their facial expressions changes and you want to be able to remember it when they are all grown up.

I recently headed to Prestbury in Cheshire to photograph this beautiful 3 month-old baby boy. Hope you enjoy these sneak peak photos and do contact us if you would like a similar session done for your family. We mainly photograph around Cheshire, Manchester and Staffordshire but we are happy to travel further so do drop us a message.


Little detail shots of the baby’s feet or hands are so beautiful, it shows how tiny, innocent and wonderful babies are.


Here’s baby Ollie, he is super cute, love his piercing eyes and his hair. He was a fabulous little model chatting away while we did the shoot. He is about 3 months-old here.

Although it was freezing outside, the sun was shinning, so we popped out to take a couple more shots


We got him changed into about three outfits in total and he was really comfortable in his baby bouncing cradle and was chatting away. He was also very curious whenever he saw the camera being pointed at him, we did this shoot in natural light at his home so he was very comfortable in his surroundings.

Another cutesy shot of him, looks like he is already teething as he kept putting his finger in his mouth.


Here’s Baby Ollie with his mum Allison who was so relaxed and amazing at taking care of him


Again, hope you enjoyed seeing these photos, do add us and follow us on facebook or continue browsing on our site to see other portrait sessions which we have previous done.



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Oh my heart! Totally adorable! Such good photos and memories of the precious little one. It must be so rewarding to be part of it too by capturing these memories for the parents.

What a gorgeous selection of shots. I would love nothing more than capturing the face of a baby. I’m sure you find it extremely rewarding plus hanging out with newborns must be awesome 🙂

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