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Baby Baptism at Christ Church, Tunstall

I was recently asked to photograph baby Dontae-Romeo’s Baptism in Christ Church Tunstall in the city of Stoke-on-Trent and in the County of Staffordshire. The church which has been in operation since 1832 is beautiful and the baptism ceremony was held there on a Sunday during their morning, 10am service. Father John Stather is the current vicar of the Church. Here’s a photo of the little boy with his mum, Sarah.

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Olivia’s Graduation Ceremony Photography

Last weekend my family and I attended attend my sister’s (Olivia) graduation which was held at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), KL. The event which lasted for about 4 hours was hosted by Stamford College, PJ for its 300 plus students who were graduating from its various faculty, staff and their family members.

The hall was filled to the brim and we almost didn’t get a seat. Luckily we managed to find our way to the balcony area which had a better view of the whole ceremony.

My sister, graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in International Business from University of East London, UK – Out of all the students who sat for the degree paper, she was one of the 4 who had the First Class Honours. To top it all, she also received the outstanding student award.

We are really proud of her!

Graduation Photos

Graduation Photos

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V. Aweenash’s Baby Naming Ceremony, 7 June 2008

There’s nothing like the scent of a freshly cleaned baby. It makes me want to squeeze his/her cheeks. Well that’s how I felt anyway during my nephew’s baby naming ceremony held last Saturday in Kapar, Klang.

Being the official photographer, I was incharge of capturing the evening. Baby Aweenaash was such a charming little tot and I’ve captured some of his many moods during the evening. I loved looking at his tiny and dainty feet, it made me feel like a giant indeed!

Aweenash was quiet mostly and slept like a baby despite the ‘buzz’ around him. The decoration at my aunt’s house was beautiful and the dinner ended with a sweet pudding being served to guests. In Malaysia, the ‘baby naming ceremony’ is an event usually celebrated by the Indian community where close family and friends are officially introduced to the baby, this is usually held when the baby is a month old. There are many different rituals performed, some get their baby blessed in the temple while others get the baby’s horoscope read. Some parents are also known to place the baby in a ‘baby cot’ for the first time on this day.


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Bachelorette Party, 26 April 2008

According to wiki, a ‘Bachelorette Party’ or ‘Hen night’ is a party held for a bachelorette shortly before she enters into wedded bliss. Its also her final opportunity to engage in activities a new husband might not approve of, or merely to spend time bonding with her female friends.

This was my first experience attending such an event and I totally had a blast, the bride to be was Sunita and 10 of her best buddies came together from near and far to make her Hen’s night an unforgettable one!

With precession organisational skills from the 3 committee members – Asha, Nisha and Rekha; the night went about without a hitch. The theme was ‘school girls’, so everyone came dressed in white shirts, black skirts and tie. Little cute pink hairbands were also handed out to everyone while Sunita had to wear a little red devil horn-band and a sash. Games were played and little toys were sold by the bride-to-be along Heritage Row to raise funds for the night.

Sunita, thanks for making me apart of your wonderful day, I had so much fun and good luck for the wedding!


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Kumar & Shanti’s Housewarming, 24 Feb 08

Here are some photos taken during a traditional Indian housewarming ceremony in Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam. The house was really beautiful, organic and contemporary looking.

A housewarming ceremony is usually performed on the occasion of one’s first entry into a new house. Once the house is ready, the family moves in on an auspicious day. A priest is called to bless the house, fresh cow’s milk is then boiled till it overflows to symbolise prosperity in the household. Cows or calves are also escorted into the house to further bless the house.

All the shots here were taken using a Sony DSC-H9 camera. My most favourite feature of this camera is the 3″ tilting LCD which is totally awesome.

I hope you enjoy the shots…sometimes you don’t need a huge DSLR camera with various lenses to get the shot that you need. I guess the person behind the camera is as important as the camera …don’t you think?

The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it

Ansel Adams


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