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Kumar & Shanti’s Housewarming, 24 Feb 08

Here are some photos taken during a traditional Indian housewarming ceremony in Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam. The house was really beautiful, organic and contemporary looking.

A housewarming ceremony is usually performed on the occasion of one’s first entry into a new house. Once the house is ready, the family moves in on an auspicious day. A priest is called to bless the house, fresh cow’s milk is then boiled till it overflows to symbolise prosperity in the household. Cows or calves are also escorted into the house to further bless the house.

All the shots here were taken using a Sony DSC-H9 camera. My most favourite feature of this camera is the 3″ tilting LCD which is totally awesome.

I hope you enjoy the shots…sometimes you don’t need a huge DSLR camera with various lenses to get the shot that you need. I guess the person behind the camera is as important as the camera …don’t you think?

The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it

Ansel Adams


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Tony & Angela's 50th Wedding Anniversary

This was another family photography session, both Uncle Tony & Auntie Angela looked their best. The church ceremony was held in SFX, PJ while the dinner at Sheraton Hotel, Subang Jaya. The whole ceremony was perfectly organised and everything went smoothly without a glitch. I’ve enclosed some of my favourite shots of the day.

Do enjoy!


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Eugene's 50th Birthday

These photos was taken some time back for my cousin’s 50th birthday party at his house in Happy Gardens. It was an interesting night with live music played by both the old and new ‘Yellow Jackets’. The younger cousins were having a blast running around. There were about more than 50 plus people attending the party. A casual yet relaxed atmosphere.


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Santini's 21st Birthday

I love 21st birthday parties, somehow it reminds me of mine. Santini’s party was held at the Klang Executive Club (KEC). I enjoyed taking photographs for her as it was a very informal party with a nice buffet spread. Good ambiance, music and lots of balloons ! I was also very familiar with KEC as I used to frequent the places.

I managed to take some nice photos of Santini by the poolside with the available daylight before the party started.

To view more photos of this event, head to Santini’s 21st Birthday Celebration Gallery


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Kayethri's 21st Birthday

This was another fun shoot for me, a 21st birthday party. It was none other than my friend, Indra’s sister’s (Kayethri) 21st birthday, celebrated at their home in Klang. It was very well planned with good food, DJ music and even a theme colour, ‘blue’. Close family and friends attended the party. Thanks for making me a part of your celebration!

Here are some of the photos.


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