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Photo Featured in The Stoke Sentinel

My first ever photo featured on The Stoke Sentinel newspaper as I am a member of the Snapper Squad team. This week’s theme was…

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ProCreate Project Launch Exhibition, London

I was lucky to get in the nick of time to participate in the ProCreate Project launch exhibition at the GoldSmiths College whereby over 100 mother-artist’ had the opportunity to showcase various creatives such as photographs, poetry, dance, music, craft, paintings, writings etc. The exhibition was accompanied by an innovative art-studio model presentation and by a panel discussion on subjects including art and maternity, from an artistic, academic and neurobiological standpoint.

They say a woman changes when she is pregnant and has her child ….there are a lot of emotions and creative thoughts that suddenly comes to life. I personally found that I started doing more and more family portrait sessions during and after my pregnancy, I found mainly photographing family bonds and babies and I do agree than motherhood has changed me.

The ProCreate Project was started to help and support artists, pregnant women and mothers to showcase their talents as new mothers.  Here are some images taken from the ProCreate facebook page of the event.


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Featured on Parenthots Magazine, Malaysia

For Throwback Thursday, I am sharing a feature article titled, “Snapping Photos of Babies and Kids” which appeared for a Malaysian Online parent and kid’s magazine, called “Parenthots” under ‘The Star Newspaper’ group.

Although I am now based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire in England, I am still sharing the article since I have not blogged it before. So here it is, for your reading pleasure, the article is written by Brigitte Rozario and appeared in The Star Online’s portal.

Parent and Kids Portrait

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Featured on Parenthots Magazine

I have been featured on ParenThots Magazine again. This time the article is written about how photos, especially family portraits have evolved with the times. A lovely piece written by Sheela Chandran, hope you enjoy reading it.

Here’s the link to the article.

ParenThots - Features - Family portraits changing with the times

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