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Introducing Baby Ahbhishek

Of late I’ve been photographing quite a number of newborn baby portraits and do find them most satisfying. Taking newborn photos can require a ton of patience as babies only work to their own schedule, but they always appear so photogenic, resulting in beautiful angelic images that warm the heart.

Here is a recent photo session I took for an old college friend of mine Nasta, of her newborn baby boy Ahbhishek. Born on 11th February, this adorable little Valentino is sure going to be a heart breaker when he grows up. Such a cute little baby boy who just turned a month old. Hope you enjoy viewing the photos.

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Four Month Old Baby Boy Portrait Session

Babies are simply adorable don’t you think? Especially when they are at that young and tender age. It’s good for parents to capture those precious memories of a baby’s early years as the moments do pass by so incredibly quickly. Here are some images from a recent portrait photography session I took in celebration of four month old Baby Rohit. The shots were taken indoor at their residence at Subang Jaya.

Joining his parents, Shawn and Karmini for the session were his Grandma Sally and Uncle Taro who flew down from USA.

To view more photos of this event, head to Baby Rohit Portrait Session Gallery.

Smiling baby

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Korean Family Outdoor Portrait Session

Recently I had the opportunity to provide a family portrait session for a Korean family in Ampang, close to KL city centre. Cindy who was looking for a portrait photographer for her children, found me through a google search.

The portrait session began in their house with the girls wearing traditional Korean costumes before proceeding to a park in the nearby vicinity for some outdoor portraiture. We had the good fortune of favourable weather and decent natural lighting, resulting in quite a productive session overall.

This was my first photo session involving a Korean family and it was a constructive and rewarding experience. Whether it’s due to Korean genetics in general or Cindy’s family, I found them to be particularly photogenic. Also the children were lively, energetic and fully of personality resulting in a pleasing collection of photographs.

A big kamsamnida (thank you) to Cindy for commissioning me to photograph your lovely family.

To view more photos of this event, head to Kim Family Portrait Session Gallery

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Baby Portrait Promotion 2011

With 2010 rapidly drawing to a close and a new year just around the corner, I will be offering a choice of three affordable packages to parents interested in baby portrait photography. As almost every parent will notice, children do grow up in what seems like the blink of an eye. A portrait photography session is an ideal way of capturing those precious stages of childhood, and provides a lasting memento which can be enjoyed by parent and child alike for many years to come.

baby photography promotion

A new option available for my baby portrait photography sessions is a mobile home studio. The concept is straightforward – for parents of young or newborn babies, even the simplest of journeys can turn into quite the logistical operation, with all the support gear required for feeding, cleaning, clothing, and keeping the little one entertained. My mobile home studio solution brings the studio to your home, so you can sit back and relax and enjoy a stress-free photoshoot.

So let’s celebrate life, love, the joy of parenthood, and the wonder of childhood, with a choice of portrait packages to suit a variety of budgets. Tailor made packages are also available on request – just send me a message with your own specific requirements.

For further details and to check availability feel free to contact me via my enquiry form or email me.

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Introducing Baby Madeline

It’s precisely two months since the birth of my daughter Madeline, and a lot has changed in such a short amount of time. Most of you who follow my blog would know how much I enjoy taking portrait photos. I’m especially blessed that I have the opportunity to photograph my own child. Though she is still so new to the world she is already helping me develop my experience of photographing a newborn and helping me to understand how to achieve the shot I want. Baby photography has one thing in common with wildlife photography – the key to success is patience, and lots of it!

Baby Madeline has grown from a tiny delicate baby to a robust and energetic two month old in what feels like the blink of an eye. She’s growing fast and her personality is already showing through, with her facial expressions changing by the day. Her vision and focusing is also developing rapidly, and she can already identify people, colours, cartoon drawings and so on.

From what I’ve experienced so far, it’s certainly true what they say, that children grow up so incredibly fast. For this reason I like to photograph my child on a regular basis so any time I want to reminisce over those cherished moments I browse my photo albums and unlock the memories. If you have a special occasion with your baby that you want to cherish then I would highly recommend considering a professional photographer to capture the moment, as even the most cherished memories fade over time, but a good photograph keeps those essential moments fresh in the mind. But I would say that, being in the industry, so enough of the sales spiel already.

On a more personal note, motherhood brings with it feelings of indescribable joy. Ok granted, included with the package is a plentiful supply of sleep deprivation, endless nappy changing, relentless crying and so on, but nonetheless there’s no other feeling of contentment that can compare… I would not trade it for anything!

In celebration of my little tiger cub’s two month birthday, here are a few of my favourite shots of her ranging from a few hours after she was born, up until now.

Baby shortly after birth

Baby just a few hours after she was born

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I’m back!

If you have been following my blog you would have noticed the lack of blog postings in the last month or two. Reason being…

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Family Portrait Session

I love taking family portrait sessions especially when its done in an outdoor environment such as a park or playground area. In addition to all of the benefits of natural lighting, I find that the surroundings are more relaxing and enjoyable for all involved in comparison to that of a conventional studio environment.

Recently I had the opportunity to take an outdoor family portrait shots of one of my best friends, Alicia who was on a holiday to Malaysia from Switzerland with her husband Cedric and their three beautiful and adorable kids.

It has been almost three years since I last met up her family and how time really does seem to fly past so very quickly. Meilyn, who is nine years old and Mikael who is now seven have grown so big in such a short time. It was the first time also that I had the opportunity to meet the new addition to the family, Shanlee who will be turning one on Merdeka Day (31st August).

It was such a joy to meet up with them again and to take these photos as they were so easy to photograph. After barely over an hour of the portrait session we already ended up with a ton of images. Here are some sneak preview images, more will be updated on my website in due course.

To view more photos of this event, head to Cedric & Alicia’s Family Portrait Session Gallery

Family Portrait Session Collage

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Outdoor Baby Portrait Session with Bella

I recently photographed a baby and family portrait session in a residential park in Klang. Bella who’s gonna turn one soon was fun to photograph as she had so many interesting and unique facial expressions from happy, sad, cheeky, curious to the dreamy look. She tirelessly posed for the camera and entertained us with her singing and cute baby talks.

I know Bella’s mom, Evelyne from my secondary school days and it was great to meet up with her again after all these years thanks to Facebook. The portraiture session went on well as we were blessed with great weather and beautiful blue sky.

Thanks for an amazing time Evelyne and Noel, Bella was such a darling to photograph and I hope you enjoying viewing these sneak preview shots. I have to admit picking photos for my blog was not an easy task as there were too many choices to begin with.

More collages of the portrait session will be placed on my Facebook group – Asha Carlos Photography Facebook Page, in the coming days so do ‘like’ the page to see the images.

To view more photos of this event, head to Baby Bella’s Family Portrait Session Gallery

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Baby Portrait Session with Ariez

Photographing 5-month old baby boy Ariez was such a dream as he was calm, happy and photogenic which made the shoot more fun and exciting. I was a little apprehensive in the begining as we started the shoot quite early but Baby Ariez was wide awake and looked even more excited than us.

This outdoor family portraiture was photographed in the lavish greenery of Putrajaya and we were blessed with having beautiful weather!

As a photographer, its always nice to get specific request from clients wanting a particular style or theme for their outdoor portraiture as its allows me to create different photographs from the norm and challenge myself further. Assad and Dr Jaseema specially requested for more subtle looking photographs with more of a soft lighting effect than overly colourful looking photos to obtain a more sophisticated and classy look.

So here are some sneak preview photos of 5-month old Baby Ariez with his parents. Hope you enjoy viewing them and feel free to leave comments if you like.

To view more photos of this event, head to Baby Ariez’s Family Portrait Session Gallery

Baby ariez portrait photography

Baby Ariez was quite the poser

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Raj & Deepa’s Family Outdoor Portrait Shoot

Here are some family portrait shots taken of Raj & Deepa who found me thanks to Google search! They decided to do a portrait session of their family to coincide with their daughter, Thrishaani Jothi’s 1st birthday.

Although photographing kids is more difficult than adults and a lot of patience is required, I still love getting that smile and glitter from their eyes, this makes every shot that much more meaningful for me. It took a while for Thrishaani to warm up to the camera, but once she did, her smile could melt anyone’s heart!

These family portraiture shots were taken in Kuala Lumpur and thankfully we were blessed with great weather! Here are some sneak-preview shots taken of the session. Do enjoy viewing it.

To view more photos of this event, head to Raj & Deepa’s Family Outdoor Portrait Shoot

Thrishaani Jothi

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