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Birds Photography

This is the continuation blog posting of the kids birthday function I did at KL Bird Park last week. Photographing birds is not an easy task, ask anyone from the MNS‘s birdwatching group. One needs a lot of patience, steady hands to hold the heavy and long lens and to be quiet when photographing these delicate creatures.

Hence, I am lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph these majestic birds in close proximity. Most of these birds are habituated to the park and are docile, but visitors are asked not to feed birds and not to touch the birds unless supervised.

The Hornbill daringly sat beside me to nibble at my salad while I ran for cover and grabbed my camera to photograph it

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Pratiba’s ValaKappu (Bangle Wearing) Ceremony

I had the privilege of photographing Pratiba’s ValaKappu or Bangle Wearing Ceremony last Saturday, 4th July 2009 in Klang. It was a cosy and eventful evening, surrounded with close family and friends wishing nothing but love, luck and happiness to Pratiba.

I personally find being around a 7-month pregnant woman really comforting, especially when she allows me to rub her belly!

Pratiba & Prakash – Wish you both lots of luck and thanks for letting me be apart of your special day.

A detailed write-up about the rituals has been posted on a previous posting, click here to read about the traditions of the ceremony.

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David & Suzanne's 20th Wedding Anniversary, 21 November 2008

I had the privilege to photograph David & Suzanne’s 20th wedding anniversary last Friday at the Selayang Palace Restaurant.  The restaurant was just next to the Selayang Hospital but getting there was not easy as it was a Friday night hence the massive jam !

As I was taking the shots, I enjoyed observing the 50-odd guests consisting of David & Suzanne’s very close family and friends and waited for the right moment to capture them breaking into a laugh or smile.  As I was taking the shots, I even had loads of valuable photography tips from Uncle Tom who photographs various dignitaries from Singapore. Thanks for the tips Uncle Tom !

David & Suzanne – You both are blessed indeed, I wish you many more happy anniversaries to come !

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People Portraits

I love taking portraits of people. You would find some portrait shots taken during Sunita & Karu’s engagement. This is just a teaser, keep checking for more shots of the engagement which I will be posting up soon.


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Leena's ValaKappu (Bangle Wearing) Ceremony, 16 Feb 08

ValaKappu (Lenggang Perut) ceremony is usually done during the 7th month of pregnancy. It was my first time attending such a ceremony I was really excited to see what was installed. The ceremony was held in Ipoh and lasted a little more than an hour was filled with colours from the start to the end.

Relatives took turn to bless Leena and slip bangles on each of her arms, she was then smeared with sandalwood paste on her hands and cheeks which is believed to give a cooling effect to pregnant mothers due to hormal changes in the body. Later sweet indian delicacies such as white and brown rice are given to her to eat.

Part of the ceremony also included three female relatives who took turns to drizzle a little milk from her back, the milk held in a small container with a tapered spout is commonly used by Indian mothers to give medicinal concoctions to infacts.

Personally, I enjoyed the ceremony and loved the colours of the gifts and the bangles. Thanks to Vicram & Leena for the enjoyable time, wishing you lots of luck and safe delivery of the little one.


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Beautiful portraits of Aishah

During KL Flickr meet’s recent trip to Kuala Selangor. I managed to shoot the sweet and demure Aishah, who in my opinion encompasses the true Malay beauty. She was such a star by posing throughout the day tirelessly and looking spot-on despite the scorching sun. The locations were mainly at the Palm Oil Plantation in Ijok, paddy field and Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor.


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Portraits of Lydia

Here are some shots taken of Lydia, a local model during the recent lighting workshop I did with sifu Ted Adnan. It was an educational workshop into the insights of Flash Photography. I also had the opportunity to meet 4 other enthusiastic photogs – Wan Husmi, Wan Azlan, Amri & Ahmad Fairus. We got a chance to learn about ‘understanding your flash’, fill in flash technique, mix lighting with flash and multiple flash set-up. It was an interesting but tiring session. But well worth it!


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Children’s Portraits

I love taking photos of the young ones ! Somehow I’m inspired by their uninhibited personality that tends to shine through in every photograph… be it a smile or a tear, its the precise moment captured on camera which gives me so much thrill.


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My initial passion was to take nature and travel photos, but as time passed I realised that capturing people is equally exciting as it adds a personal touch to the photo and brings forth their character to life.

I also believe that each one of us are beautiful even if we’ve never won a beauty contest or have been featured on the front pages of a magazine. As a photographer I aim to capture your individuality and personality which shines though. I hope you enjoy viewing these portrait shots. Keep your eyes glued for more photos in the near future!


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Pet Photography

Pet photography is a new venture for me..though I’ve always loved animals (except when I find bird poop on my car).

I find that photographing pets involve more patience and skill, as to anticipate the animal’s next move and to make them feel comfortable. A long lens usually helps…. as not to get too close to their comfort zone. Animals seems to be more natural when looking at the camera lens..its something unique and intriguing for them then the usual pair of eyes staring at them.

My plan after I’ve completed the initial set-up of this site is to take more photos of animals both domestic and wild . So pet lovers…. be ready to allow me to shoot your pets (Oops…photograph i mean).


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