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Beautiful Mother and Daughter Portraiture

Here are a set of outdoor portraits of a mother and daughter which I photographed at the Greenway Bank Country Park in Knypersley. Its a beautiful park which is a lot quieter and has less dog walkers, it also has a lovely playground, visitors centre and cafe opened during certain hours.  The park connects to Knypersley Pool through a beautiful woodlands walks which has some lovely picnic spots as well as benches around. There are lovely spring flowers blooming at this time of the year such as crocus and daffodils. All the shots below were taken at the park on a beautiful sunny day. Do enjoy viewing these images.


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Studio Style Pregnancy Photoshoot

Part 2 of the indoor studio style photography shoot which I recently photographed at the client’s home, part 1 can be viewed here.  Here are some shots of Katie and Chris who are expecting a baby who is due in May. As first time parents, they are not only nervous but are really excited and can’t wait for the little one to be born. As a mum myself I know how difficult the final months of pregnancy can be and how uncomfortable mums can feel so trust me, these shots hardly took any time at all.  I am always looking to maintain the mother’s comfort, so once I set the correct exposure for the photos and do my test shot, all there is left is to pose the couple. Do enjoy viewing these photos and feel free to contact me for enquiries on bump, baby and beyond packages.


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Studio Style Family Portrait

It has been a busy couple of weeks with a few blog postings in the que so in the mean time hope you enjoy viewing these indoor studio style family portrait shots. I generally love doing my portrait sessions in the outdoors such as parks or gardens but sometimes if the client requests or if its a pregnancy / newborn portrait shoot then I can do the portrait session indoors with additional strobes. There are two parts to this photoshoot, first here are some sneak peak images of the fun family portrait photosession, all photos were taken in the client’s home for the purpose of creating a canvas print afterwards.


Above is a fun sibling shot of Nathan, Ben, Katie and Zac. The pose was suggested by Jayne their mum.  As a photographer I am always open to client’s ideas and creative input.

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Themed Portrait : Princess and Tiaras

Here’s another outdoor children’s themed portrait which I recently photographed of princess, tiaras and a little bit of tears. Although it looks like a sunny day in the photos, I can easily say the temperature was around 4 degrees celcius that day and the girls were absolutely fabulous in taking off their coats for the photos. We also had constant rain throughout the shoot but were lucky to have some beautiful photographs to show. I hope you enjoy viewing these images, as you can see the daffodils are slowly blossoming and these are the signs that spring is almost nearing. I personally can’t wait for the warm sunny weather to arrive.


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Themed Portrait : Fairy in the Forest

Here are some sneak peak images of a recent outdoor themed portrait shoot done at a nearby park. I love doing themed photo shoots especially of children as they get to dress in their favourite costumes or characters and this makes the photoshoot even more magical.These are mini portrait sessions, which usually lasts about 30 minutes and prices for these are really reasonable, so drop me a line for available dates and pricing. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy viewing these images.


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Winter Wonderland Family Portraits

I love this series of snowy portraits which I photographed for a family in Biddulph, Staffordshire. We knew it was going to be cold that weekend but did not anticipate snow. Nevertheless the whole family and I had so much fun just playing about and getting these beautiful family portraits at the wintery Victorian Garden. We were very lucky as most of the snow melted away the next day. The view at the Biddulph Grange Gardens was breathtaking, I would definitely recommend a visit there the next time it snows.  Do enjoy viewing these shots and feel free to contact me if you would like to get some portrait photos done of yourself or your family.



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Family Portraiture at Little Moreton Hall

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter – This is the last shoot I did at the end of Autumn, as we gear for the coming wet and cold winter months. This family portrait session was photographed at Little Moreton Hall (also known as Old Moreton Hall) in Congleton, Cheshire which is under the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty.  Little Moreton Hall houses a beautiful Tudor Manor House which is easily 500 years old.  I used the Knot Garden and the scenic lake area situated at the back of the Manor House as my backdrop for most of the shoot on the blog.  Although it was cold, nearly 4 deg when I did the shoot, the kids were just fabulous and were eager to be photographed. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and hope you enjoy viewing these images too.


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Fun Family Portraits

If you looking to have some fun family portraits done, then have a look at a recent session I photographed in Staffordshire. The session lasted just about an hour and most of it was photographed in the family’s garden. The youngest child was about 6 years old while the oldest was 17 years old. The dynamics of photographing teenagers (or Seniors as they call them in America) is more fun as they don’t sit still and are full of energy and ideas.


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Photographing a Family in Stoke-on-Trent

When I started doing photography full time almost 10 years ago, I was photographing everything from weddings, food, corporate functions, parties to portraits. As the years went by and as I had my own family, I realised there is a different kind of satisfaction and joy photographing children and family portraits.  Seeing the little ones grow so quickly over the years, I find it is important to capture their milestones as keepsake for the future or for grandparents.  When I photograph children, I try to infuse some fun into the sessions and encourage them to showcase their personalities or their funny side. Hope you enjoy viewing these sneak peak images which I photographed for a family in Stoke-on-Trent.


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Outdoor Family Photoshoot in Staffordshire

Here are some recent outdoor family photos which I photographed in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. I am happy to photograph families in different locations such as parks or country clubs even more so if the place means something special to them.  For families who prefer doing the shoot at home due to convenience or because they have young kids and want them in familiar surroundings, I am also open to that especially if they have a beautiful house or garden. Hope you enjoy viewing the sneak preview images and feel free to contact me for a quotation if you want something similar done for your family.


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