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Family Portrait at Biddulph Grange Country Park

I recently had the opportunity to do a family portrait session at the Biddulph Grange Country Park in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.The Country Park was originally part of a larger Biddulph Grange Estate, its 73 acres wooded hillside site is a lovely place for families to go for a walk on its walking paths, fishing or picnic on a sunny day as it comprises of a large lake, streams, meadows and ponds. There are some ducks up at the pond, so if you are heading there, do bring some stale bread to feed them. You will also notice a beautiful stone boat house from 1904 which has been restored by the lake too. There is a visitor centre with café which is open at various times during the year and provides some information about events held within the park such as art exhibitions.


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Pet Portraits – Shih Tzu Dogs

You have probably heard the line made famous by W.C. Fields, “Never work with children or animals”. That may well be true in the showbiz world, but as a photographer I enjoy working with children and animals very much. Sure it can be challenging because neither like to take instruction, but with a little patience the results can be very rewarding.

I had the opportunity recently to take a pet portrait session for Deanna and Rita and their pet shih tzus. These two cute little brothers are so adorable that anyone would just fall in love with them at first sight! Best friends Deanna and Rita have cared for the dogs, Chom-Chom and Baby since they were just two months old.

For the photoshoot we headed to Desa Park City where it’s common for dog owners take a morning stroll with their beloved pets. There’s a cafe there, Fitou Brasserie which allows you to bring your dog as you sip a cup of tea and have your meal, an unusually refreshing sight indeed. Enjoy the photos.

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Birds Photography

This is the continuation blog posting of the kids birthday function I did at KL Bird Park last week. Photographing birds is not an easy task, ask anyone from the MNS‘s birdwatching group. One needs a lot of patience, steady hands to hold the heavy and long lens and to be quiet when photographing these delicate creatures.

Hence, I am lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph these majestic birds in close proximity. Most of these birds are habituated to the park and are docile, but visitors are asked not to feed birds and not to touch the birds unless supervised.

The Hornbill daringly sat beside me to nibble at my salad while I ran for cover and grabbed my camera to photograph it

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Pet Photography

Pet photography is a new venture for me..though I’ve always loved animals (except when I find bird poop on my car).

I find that photographing pets involve more patience and skill, as to anticipate the animal’s next move and to make them feel comfortable. A long lens usually helps…. as not to get too close to their comfort zone. Animals seems to be more natural when looking at the camera lens..its something unique and intriguing for them then the usual pair of eyes staring at them.

My plan after I’ve completed the initial set-up of this site is to take more photos of animals both domestic and wild . So pet lovers…. be ready to allow me to shoot your pets (Oops…photograph i mean).


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