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Studio Style Pregnancy Photoshoot

Part 2 of the indoor studio style photography shoot which I recently photographed at the client’s home, part 1 can be viewed here.  Here are some shots of Katie and Chris who are expecting a baby who is due in May. As first time parents, they are not only nervous but are really excited and can’t wait for the little one to be born. As a mum myself I know how difficult the final months of pregnancy can be and how uncomfortable mums can feel so trust me, these shots hardly took any time at all.  I am always looking to maintain the mother’s comfort, so once I set the correct exposure for the photos and do my test shot, all there is left is to pose the couple. Do enjoy viewing these photos and feel free to contact me for enquiries on bump, baby and beyond packages.


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Week 39 and Counting…

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to lately since there has been a slow down in my blog postings… well its because…

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Pregnancy Portrait

I was contacted recently by one of my previous pre-wedding portrait clients, Subha & Mahes to photograph their first pregnancy. Documenting a pregnancy is a beautiful process that encompasses a couple’s love for each other and for their forthcoming child. Such photos provide a lasting memory for the couple, and a source of fascination for their little one.

I took the pregnancy shots in a combination of outdoor and indoor settings. For the outdoor shots we headed to a park nearby their home and took some free and easy casual poses. The indoor portraits were photographed at their beautiful home which gave the portraits a pseudo studio effect. Do enjoy viewing these photos.

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Salina’s Lenggang Perut (Bangle Wearing) Ceremony

As a photographer it’s always a pleasure to receive a new assignment from a previous client. A while ago I had the privilege to take some wedding shots of Salina and her husband, Rajindren. I was thrilled when she contacted me with news that she was seven months pregnant. It gives me great satisfaction to have the opportunity to capture key moments in people’s lives, and Salina’s Bangle Wearing Ceremony (Valaikappu) was certainly a joyous occasion.

A bangle wearing ceremony is a tradition usually performed when seven months pregnant. Relatives adorn the mother-to-be with a selection of glass bangles on her arms for the well being of mother and baby. Sandalwood paste is smeared on the face, hands and feet of the expectant mother in order to cool the body, and a selection of rice is offered, the choice of which signifies whether the baby will be a boy or girl – supposedly.

The bangle ceremony was held in a beautifully decorated apartment in Cheras and Salina looked gorgeous that I had a tough time choosing which photos to place on my blog. So here are just a few of them taken during the event, showcasing her beauty and an enchanting ‘glow’ that is so unique to pregnant women.

To view more photos of this event, head to Salina’s Bangle Wearing Ceremony Gallery

bangle wearing ceremony

Glass bangles are placed on the wrists of the pregnant mother during the ceremony by close family and friends

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Pratiba’s ValaKappu (Bangle Wearing) Ceremony

I had the privilege of photographing Pratiba’s ValaKappu or Bangle Wearing Ceremony last Saturday, 4th July 2009 in Klang. It was a cosy and eventful evening, surrounded with close family and friends wishing nothing but love, luck and happiness to Pratiba.

I personally find being around a 7-month pregnant woman really comforting, especially when she allows me to rub her belly!

Pratiba & Prakash – Wish you both lots of luck and thanks for letting me be apart of your special day.

A detailed write-up about the rituals has been posted on a previous posting, click here to read about the traditions of the ceremony.

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Leena's ValaKappu (Bangle Wearing) Ceremony, 16 Feb 08

ValaKappu (Lenggang Perut) ceremony is usually done during the 7th month of pregnancy. It was my first time attending such a ceremony I was really excited to see what was installed. The ceremony was held in Ipoh and lasted a little more than an hour was filled with colours from the start to the end.

Relatives took turn to bless Leena and slip bangles on each of her arms, she was then smeared with sandalwood paste on her hands and cheeks which is believed to give a cooling effect to pregnant mothers due to hormal changes in the body. Later sweet indian delicacies such as white and brown rice are given to her to eat.

Part of the ceremony also included three female relatives who took turns to drizzle a little milk from her back, the milk held in a small container with a tapered spout is commonly used by Indian mothers to give medicinal concoctions to infacts.

Personally, I enjoyed the ceremony and loved the colours of the gifts and the bangles. Thanks to Vicram & Leena for the enjoyable time, wishing you lots of luck and safe delivery of the little one.


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