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Flowers at Biddulph Grange Gardens

We decided to join the National Trust as members this year, which means we have access to over hundreds of unpoilt places such as old mansions, gardens, museums and parks.  These photos were taken just at the start of Summer on a beautiful day with clear blue skies.

Biddulph Grange Gardens which is near Stoke-on-Trent is a lovely place for kids to explore, we have been there numerous times either just for a walk or during Easter when they have the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt. Their beautiful themed landscaped gardens and wide-ranging plantation brings you on a journey to countries around the world including Egypt, China, Japan and Italy.  Here’s a shot of the back of James Bateman’s (the accomplished horticulturist and landowner) house which was built during the 19th century.


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Venice, City of Infinite Dreams

As I was going through my box filled with old film and slides which were shot pre-dating the digital era, I came across this…

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A short holiday to Malacca with my galfriends

I love to travel, be it to local destinations or foreign countries, it somehow cheers me up and gives me fresh ideas for my photography. Recently I headed to Malacca (the historical state) for a short break with some of my girlfriends – Farina, Suganthi & Jayanthi. We had such a beautiful time there from visiting tourist attractions such as Jonker Street to visiting the Portuguese Settlement.

We also had a ball of a time eating our way..from the ever famous chicken rice ball, Portuguese baked fish to trying out sweet desserts such as nyonya kuihs (cakes) and chendol made from gula Malacca (palm sugar).

Thanks for the lovely time gals! We should do this more often!

Note :
Malacca is such a beautiful place with such amazing locations for pre-wedding and portraits. If you want to have your photographs taken here, please drop me an email as I’m always looking for an excuse to head back to Malacca!

Malacca Town (Bandar Melaka)Malacca Town Clock, Portuguese Noodles and Baked Fish

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Lake Gardens in Black & White

I know I’ve not been updating my blog as frequently as I should be, I’m currently spending some quality time to reorganise all my…

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Singapore at Night

Hello everyone, as promised here are some shots taken during my short break in Singapore. These shots are taken using a cheap point & shoot camera at night at the Esplanade in Singapore.

To get clear crisp shot which aren’t so pixelated on the point and shoot, the camera was set to a slow shutter speed and was balanced on a flat surface i.e. railings, chairs etc. (since I didn’t have a tripod with me).

Try to use the camera’s timer to avoid any shake as even your fingers pressing down on the camera can cause enough movement to blur your photo (with a timer, you don’t have to touch the camera while you take the photo).

Click here, to view more tips on how to avoid camera shake.

Bridge overlooking the Theatres on the Bay

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Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

I’m in the midst of archiving my photos and I found this old photo which I had shot using my first point and shoot…

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I’m back from England

Hi everyone, thanks for your patience and the loads of emails you’ve been sending me these past 3 weeks. I’m back in Malaysia and will be going full throttle with my photography again.

Before I start posting images of recent shoots, let me share with you some photos from my trip to UK. Most of these shots were taken using Fuji 450 point and shoot camera.

Here are my 3 weeks in a nut shell for you:

  • Snowdrop flowers to mark the start of spring, holly plants and dried leaves of winter
  • Lovely view at Rudyard Lake (Top Gear Lake) in Leek
  • Temperature there was between 1 to 9 degrees celcius each day and it snowed a little before I left
  • My favourite English food – Cornish Pasty & Meat and Potato Pie with some Chips (lacking gravy though!).
  • Holly plants and the dried leaves of winter
  • Guiness, freshly brewed from Ireland
  • Some grafitti on the wall at a construction site near a local park
  • Biddulph Cemetary
  • As promised, here’s a shot of me and my husband, David.

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My last 2 weeks…

Apologies everyone… I know its been like more than 2 weeks since my last post, I’ve had to suddenly fly to England for a…

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An Amazing Holiday in Bali !!

I’ve just returned after spending 5 fun-tastic and breathtaking days in Bali with my husband! Though it sounds like a long holiday, the days just went by like a breeze. Our trip to Bali was to coincide with our 2nd year wedding anniversary and it was definitely well spent!

We stayed at Tanjong Benua, Nusa Dua and were blessed with great weather, beautiful sunshine and a heavenly pool. Bali’s a great destination for bargain hunters, art lovers and wood carving enthusiasts.

I would definitely recommend Bali as a honeymoon and a wedding destination to anyone as the scenery there is simply gorgeous for wedding photography. I’ve enjoyed my time there and if any of you are interested to have your pre-wedding or actual day wedding photography shot there, please give me a call and I’d love to hop on the next plane with you!

Here are some snapshots of my holiday. Do enjoy!

Tanjong Benua, Nusa Dua

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This year during our yearly holiday back to UK, we drove up to Scotland to enjoy beautiful views of the highlands. We were lucky enough to experience great weather and some rain too. I fell in love with the Angus cow, the haggis and the fresh view of the loch (lake) side in Scotland.


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