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I do enjoy visiting England, my favs are their food, weather (except when it rains which is all the time..) and cornish pies. Here are some of the photos taken during my last few trips back to UK whenever I visit my husband’s (Dave) family.


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Kuching, Sarawak

I visitied Kuching, Sarawak some time back for work and here are some of the shots which I took using my camera. Kuching is a beautiful city and I definately want to go back there! I just loved their food, culture and it is truly a shopping haven if you are intending to re-decorate your house.


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Here are some shots taken some time back when I visited my cousins, Tina and Andreas in Germany. All photos were taken using film camera, thus you will see scanned images here. Also I used an old lens (you will notice a little vignetting in some of the shots), but I liked the effect that it gave. Also all photos are not editted on this page.


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These shots were taken when we went to visit my friends, Cedric & Alicia staying in Switzerland. Here are some scenic shots taken using a point and shoot camera.


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Cameron Highlands

I recently went to Cameron Highlands with my ex-colleagues. It was a fun trip as they have just expanded to roads and it was an easy drive up the hill. My only regret, the weather was not too cool as it was before. Here are some shots taken mainly at the Boh Tea Plantation.


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Tioman Island

Tioman Island is located in the east coast of Malaysia and is easily accessible via the Mersing Jetty in the state of Johor. This was a refreshing trip I took with my family, I spent the whole evening with my Nikon trying to capture the sunset by the seaside instead of jumping into the pool (it was jelly fish season so the beach was out of the question). This was quite a sacrifice for me, but worth every click!

I’ve edited some of the shots using Photoshop for the unique effect.


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