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Happy Deepavali

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy & Prosperous Deepavali, may the light shine bright in your lives always! From wiki: Diwali or Dīpāvali (Sanskrit:…

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Photography Facebook Fan Page (Moving to a New Home)

Hi everyone, I’ve moved my Facebook Photography Fanpage to a newer location which is more user friendly. I’ll be updating a collection of my…

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Canon Photo Marathon Malaysia 2009

Whenever there is talk of Nikon versus Canon, I’m always on Nikon’s side, as most of my camera, lenses and equipment I own belongs…

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I'm on Skype!

Yes, its good news for all my existing clients, brides and potential brides who are living overseas at the moment and who want to…

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Yes as you have realised I am an Internet Junkie or social network geek in other words ;o) I’ve yet again added another social…

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Website Updated!

That’s right! After some delay, my website – has actually been updated with the latest photographs taken at recent functions and parties.  I’ve…

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My new resolution!

I know its June, and halfway through 2009 and its no time to be making resolutions but to be keeping it! But since my…

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Images from my mobile phone camera

My favourite application in my mobile phone and most used has to be the camera! I find this convenient, especially when I don’t have my DSLR with me and I need a camera to photography something almost immediately from text to images!

My favourite subjects to photographs include friends, both raw and cooked food and intriguing images.

Here are some random images over time, which I have photographed using my Nokia N95. For a more extensive set of photos, head to to my Flickr page.

Shot of the baby cub taken at the Lost World of Tambun

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I'm on Twitter!

For those who are currently twittering, please feel free to add me too, I find it a great avenue to express myself and to…

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Earth Hour, Let's make a difference

What began as a campaign to get Sydneysiders to turn their lights off, has grown to become one of the world’s biggest climate change…

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