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Raju & Yesothai's Engagement

This engagement shoot at home, in Batang Berjuntai. Its a nice scenic place there, more like the malaysian kampung (country side). Both the bride and groom were very shy as it was an arranged marriage. The weather was fine till I arrived at their home, but luckily it was an indoor event and the weather subsided later on. They were indeed surprised to find out that the photographer was female and kept calling me “photoman”.


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Prakash & Pratiba's Engagement

I love taking photos, but sometimes its a challenge to shoot family functions as there is so much of buzz and family wanting to chat with me despite that fact that I am ‘working’. Nevertheless I always love to capture little moments such as this and am always honoured when I am asked to photograph such important moments.

Thanks Prakash & Preeti for letting me be a part of your wonderful day!


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Suresh & Preetha’s Dinner Party

Initially this was supposed to be a pool side party at KGASS, Shah Alam but due to the drastic weather. All the tables and chairs were re-routed to an indoor ballroom. It was so much fun shooting this party as the crowd was really sporting and having a blast. Most of them were also not camera shy.

To view more photos of this event, head to Suresh and Preetha's Dinner Party Gallery


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Mano & Renu's Registration

Here are some shots of my close friends, Renu & Mano’s registration taken at a temple in Klang. It was lovely weather and the ceremony went on without a hitch!


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