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The Photography Show

Held once a year, The Photography Show offers great opportunity for amatuers as well as professional photographers to visit the show to learn, buy and find out more about the latest gadgets and technology in the photographic industry.  I personally found the show to be inspirational as I got to meet other like minded people, test out some of the Nikon lens, as well as try our some other products which has been on my ‘wishlist’. There were lots of interesting talks and seminars as well throughout the day and it was nice to get some tips.

Here are some photos and videos taken during the photography show. Hope you enjoy watching them.


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Fashion Model Shoot

Here are some photos which I photographed at the last Snapper Squad Meeting which was held at the Masonic Centre in Hanley. Mark Scott who is a freelance photographer with Leek Post, The Sentinel and other publications gave us some lighting tips using various props such as coloured flash gels, grid and honeycomb flash modifier as well as wireless flash triggers. The model for the day was Jeniffer who was very professional and posed tirelessly while we all took turns photographing her.


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Nic & Claire’s Wedding Portraits

Here are some wedding portrait images of a couple which I photographed at Hanley Masonic Hall in Stoke-on-Trent.  As some of you may know I am a member of The Sentinel‘s SnapperSquad team and we meet once a month to share, discuss and learn about various topics pertaining to photography.  The SnapperSquad team is lead by Steve Bould who is the Chief Photographer of the Sentinel newspaper. I thoroughly enjoyed last month’s meeting as it was a practical session led by local photographer Clare Jennings who gave us lots of advice, lighting and posing tips.  This was Clare’s second session with us, her first session she showed us a slideshows of her wedding images and shared her experience as a wedding photographer in the UK which was equally informative. Our models for the day were Nic and Claire. Hope you enjoy viewing these set of photos.


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Painting with Light

As some of my blog readers would know, I am a member of SnapperSquad, a group which has been started by Steve Bould from The Stoke Sentinel newspaper for local photographers. There are about 100+ members who meet once a month at The Masonic Centre, in Hanley and we have an active closed Facebook page where we share images and our knowledge with other photography enthusiasts. We also have monthly contests as well as weekly photography competition where our photos are selected to be featured in The Sentinel’s 2 page spread.  Every month, depending on the theme line up, we get speakers who share their skills, photos and tips with us. For the month of April, we had a photographer, Andreas Christaki who demonstrated some techniques on ‘Painting with Light’. We had the opportunity to photograph various light source in the dark using our tripods and long exposures to capture the different shapes and patterns which the light source produced. Here are some of my favourite images from the session.


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Newborn Photography – Part 2

Here are some beautiful newborn photos which I photographed recently in Cheadle at a newborn photography refresher workshop, you can read more about it on my previous blog titled Newborn Photography – Part 1. There were 2 babies whom I photographed, the first was a girl called Lily about 12 days old while the second baby was a boy called Noah, he was just 7 days old. Both the babies settled easily and were just adorable to photograph. Working with newborn takes a lot of patience, photographing them is the easy part but settling them, that takes lots of time and experience as each baby is different. Newborns are very delicate, yet very agile when they are born, so its best to photograph them 14 days or under to be able to mould them into the shape that you want. Here are some of my favourite photos captured from the session. If you would like similar ones done for yourself, friends or family member and are based around Staffordshire or East Cheshire area, please contact us. We offer gift certificates to be presented as gifts to pregnant mums or during their baby showers. Precious Moments, Captured Forever.


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Newborn Photography – Part 1

As a photographer and someone who strives to provide the best service I can to clients, I always attend various photography training courses to keep my skills up-to-date. Attending courses like these also help me to keep abrest with the latest trends, tips and the gadgets.  Since my move to the United Kingdom about two years ago, I have yet to photograph a newborn, hence I decided to take a refresher course conducted by Sandra from Newborn Baby Posing.  Seeing that I am a mother of 2 young kids, I find handling newborn babies second nature to me, nevertheless I still wanted to have a refresher course as photographing newborns and posing them can be daunting especially to a first time parent who is entrusting you with their most precious baby. Safety aspect of the newborn and cleanliness are my utmost priority so this course refreshed me on that, as well as how to pose the newborn and lighting tips.  Here are some images from my session, we have used SIB (StandInBaby) for these photos in part one, part 2 with photos of actual newborn babies will follow soon.

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Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce : Women in Business Talk 2016

I attended a Woman in Business lunch talk yesterday which I thoroughly enjoyed, I attended a similar session last year and could not wait…

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Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce : Women in Business Talk

I had the opportunity to attend a talk recently called ‘Women in Business’ hosted at the North Staff Medical Institute which was organised by…

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Portrait Masterclass with Lito Sy

My  family and I decided to head back to Malaysia for a 3 weeks holiday break recently and I was thrilled to find out that WPPA (Wedding and Portrait Photographers of Asia) was organising their annual conference at the same time. Always on the look out to improve my photography skill and to be inspired, I decided to enroll for the 1-day Masterclass by Lito Sy (pronounced Lito See) in Damansara. Lito Sy who is from Philippines, is an award winning photographer and ambassador for many photographic equipments. So enjoy viewing some of the images which I photographed on the day.


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Langkawi Birding & Fotofest 2010

Wildlife photographers, bird enthusiasts and eco-lovers would be thrilled to find out about the inaugural Langkawi Birding & Fotofest which will be held in…

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