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Food Photography Services

Whether your company exists as a new or emerging player in the food industry or as an established business, and be it a bakery, cafe, deli, restaurant or otherwise - our professional food photography services can benefit you.

What food photography services are available?

Whatever your preferences and requirements might be, here at Asha Carlos Photography we offer a comprehensive range of food photography services. We accommodate a diverse selection of the food industry, with photography tailored to all kinds of purposes from menu cards, brochures and signs, to food magazine reviews, etc.

Why choose Asha Carlos Photography as your food photographer?

There are many photographic principles and techniques such as lighting, exposure, composition and so on, which are applicable to all categories of photography. Each type of photography has it’s own specific nuances, and food photography is no exception. This subject matter particularly involves an abundance of close up and macro shots in comparison to other categories of photography.

Here we employ our home grown techniques and tips of the trade in order to best convey the finest details of the food including any outstanding colours, shades and textures, and so on. While you may not be able to taste a photograph, our aim is to produce images which look good enough to eat.

As is the case with all our photography assignments, we pride ourselves on our reliable, friendly and professional service. We offer full consultation with the client prior to the occasion to ensure our service is consistent with your preferences and requirements.

Food photography gallery

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Pricing and package options

Our food photography packages start from 100 which include coverage for an hour (minimum booking for 2 hours) by one photographer and a thumb drive with edited high resolution images for your unlimited usage. Copyright is retained by Asha Carlos Photography. Every additional hour or part thereof is charged at 50. Travel to and from the shoot location - within 20 miles of ST8. Any distance in excess of this would be charged at 50p per mile.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss further about your event so that we can offer you the best package custom made to your requirements. Our prices are competitive, and are determined by a number of factors such as location, scale and duration of event and so on.

For pricing details or further information, please complete the enquiry form or give us a call.