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Of all the special moments in a person’s lifetime, there are very few occasions which can compare to one’s wedding day. It’s an event to remain captured in the hearts of the happy couple for all eternity. For this reason it’s good to own photographs which invoke memories and emotions of the happy occasion long after the event is over.

Why choose a professional photographer for your wedding photoshoot?

Weddings are notoriously expensive occasions, and naturally there is a desire to reduce costs wherever possible. One such temptation might be to ask a friend or family member to shoot the wedding - after all, there are plenty of budding amateurs keen to make use of their latest camera equipment. Sounds like a great idea, in theory?

Well unfortunately this is something which a couple may later come to regret. There are many reasons why a professional photographer should be considered for a once in a lifetime occasion such as this. Here are just a few:

Technical expertise. Just because someone owns a great camera, it doesn’t guarantee that the person will produce quality photographs. Any professional photographer worth their salt will also possess a wealth of technical know-how and tricks of the trade to get the best out of each situation, resulting in magnificent photographs.

Experience. Whether traditional or contemporary, there are a number of key wedding shots which have come to be expected in a collection. An experienced professional wedding photographer would know about and provide such shots, whereas a budding amateur may miss out important moments.

Professionalism. While a keen amateur may have good intentions, they are more likely prone to distraction or becoming sidetracked during the event, especially one involving their family and friends. Expect a professional wedding photographer to maintain self-discipline and concentration at all times and produce impressive results.

Regardless of all the effort, planning and expenditure involved, a wedding ceremony is over in the blink of an eye. By the end of the evening when the venue is closed, the food consumed, the band departed, the guests dispersed, there’s one thing which remains - the photographs, which form a permanent memento of the special day.

Why choose Asha Carlos Photography as your professional photographer?

An essential attribute of a professional wedding photographer is to know what to shoot, when to shoot it, and how best to shoot it. Here at Asha Carlos Photography we draw upon our technical expertise and wedding photography experience in order to produce great results with consistency. Whatever your preference, whether traditional or contemporary, posed or reportage style, we deliver with consistency.

At every stage from initial consultation to finished package we pride ourselves on our customer service. Every client is unique, and have their own particular preferences and requirements. We never lose sight of this, and while we provide suggestions and ideas based on our professional experience, we also tailor our service to match your requirements - our focus is always on the satisfaction of the customer.

A wedding is one of the greatest days of a couple’s life, but all the planning behind the scenes can be an incredibly stressful experience, with a myriad of potential problems. Entrusting us with your photography needs gives you one less thing to worry about. Amongst the chaos involved in organising a wedding it is reassuring to deal with professionals you can rely on. When it comes to photography, we provide that peace of mind.

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Pricing and package options

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